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2019 MacBook Pro CPU hot but no life

Hey all, so a while back I had a friend give me an A2159 (2019 MacBook Pro) chassis with everything in it except for the motherboard to toy around with. I decided a little while back that it was time to buy a board off of eBay to see if I can get it working. So, I buy an untested board for 200$ because despite not having the schematics, I have a donor board and all the soldering equipment needed to fix the thing.

So I got it in and it has honestly the weirdest issue I’ve seen on a MacBook. So when it’s plugged in, the haptics on the trackpad instantly start working as soon as it has the power to do so, but the rest of the machine remains completely dead, or so I thought.

So, I decided to risk my fingers to see if I could feel any stupidly hot components anywhere on the board since the power button did nothing at all and the machine never did anything else other than activate the haptics in the touchpad. So the CPU and the small heatshielded area under the CPU gets hot, but the CPU itself gets really freaking hot. It actually feels like the machine is booting, but the wierd part is; not only does the keyboard backlight or touchbar not turn on, but the fan never spins nor does it chime. It’s by far the weirdest issue I’ve seen to date.

Keep in mind that this motherboard has zero signs of water damage either, none of the water sensors are tripped and it’s in great shape. I’ve done the usual unplug everything on the board unless it’s the bare minimum trick and all, but I can’t for the life of me narrow this problem down.

Does anyone know anything about what’s wrong with this motherboard or have any suspicions about what might be the culprit?

I’d rather not spend more on a new one if I can fix it, I also have a multimeter as well so I can also take measurements. Any help whatsoever will 100% be appreciated!

Also yes, I know I won’t have TouchD because the sensor won’t be origina to the board.

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Your CPU and the RAM (under the CPU - Green) is racing in an infinite loop. This a defective logic board!

Block Image

Without a working TouchID your system is locked. The systems with the T2 chip are fully locked. What was possible in the 2016/7 models is not possible in this series.

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That’s not the correct model of MacBook that I have, but what you’re saying is pretty interesting. I have a 2019 13 inch with Touch Bar. I’ve seen models of these working without touchid, and sellers on eBay seem to sell working boards without a touchid sensor, so this also confuses me. I do have a working touchid sensor connected to the board, just not the one the board expects. Is there any way to fix the issue or am I screwed?


@realsoup - The image is what I could grab, the CPU and RAM are setup in the same way as your two port system.

As you can see here proper boards 13" MacBook Pro Logic Board are sold with the TouchID.

As far as not needing to unlock the system that has to do with how you setup the system when you bought it Use Touch ID on Mac. Think of it like a door with a lock you don't need to set the lock! But the door lock also holds the door shut! TouchID Button is the same! But, the button needs to be married to the board from the get go.


So essentially unless I have the touchid that shipped with the board, I can’t disable secureboot and am totally screwed with this board?


@realsoup - Sadly, it's just a parts board to fix others.

Apple is basically using what they learned with the iPhone and applying it within the Mac's. Unlike the iPhone which they can control the silicon of the A series SoC's, Apple had to do it externally of the Intel CPU's until the M series chips.

Its as tight as a bank safe! No married button no access.


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