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Model A2169. Released May 2021, this iteration of Apple's set-top-box holds an A12 Bionic Chip, comes with 32 or 64 GB of Storage, and a new remote control.

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Does the new 2021 Apple TV Remote have a secret U1 chip?

I am curious if there is a secret U1 chip in the new AppleTV 4K remote that just isn’t activated, in hopes that it could be with future software updated?

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No it doesn’t have apple’s U1 chip


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Nope there is no U1 chip which offers ultra-wideband location services, often called UWB in the unit.

Apple made a mistake! They should have put it in so when it slides to the floor or lost in the sofa or bed one could locate it or at least offer a way to enable a beeper so you could enable it from your phone! like you can do from your AppleWatch.

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Agreed. I was hoping when a tear down is done, they find secret hardware on it. Definitely should have included it!


@cw1 - It wouldn't make sense to hide it ($$) and Apple stated it was not present.

As it just came out (Friday) no one has it yet (shipped) to take it apart.


I picked one up at my Apple Store on Friday. And by secret, I’m hoping that they think they would enable it later with a software update…..maybe they weren’t ready in time by the time it shipped.


@cw1 - Wish real hard ;-} Apple clearly stated no U1 in the remote.


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