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How do I fix mine it was left in the rain

If I plug it in the power light will turn white for a sec then turnoff and not charge

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Typically when I see something behave like this (sign of power for a brief moment, then off) it is cutting power to itself to prevent damage due to a short circuit. Something inside was likely hit with water and has shorted out. Unfortunately, I can’t really say what without pulling it apart and testing components. If you are lucky, you will open it, find one component with corrosion growing on it, fix/replace it, and it will work, but when something has that much water run over it I tend to see multiple parts damaged.

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I had this exact issue happen to a Friend's PartyBox and I've been trying to fix it. When I plugged it in I could hear the relay click but no lights or buttons would work. I got it turned on almost as a fluke by unplugging and replugging the wire from the power supply board to the motherboard so I assumed it was the button boards that were bad. I ordered replacements and now the power button does light up but I get a single white flashing LED on the battery indicator and I can't get it to turn on no matter what. Any Ideas?


I made the mistake of leaving mine outside after party an it was raining, it turns on somewhat plays music but has crackling so I immediately shut it off. what do yall recommend let it air dry out?


Yeah i have same problem. Year ago my device was left at rain and now it stop working. No sounds but it gives colour. Today i open whole thing an there was something burnt in motherboard an cable. So i gues i need new motherboard an that cable or new device. Hah funny isnt it ;(


Hey Kevin H don’t no if you will get this but if you short the ribbon connector on the 7-8 ribbon left to right that’s the power button you trip ground and it send a signal I couldn’t get mine to turn on so i ended up soldering a wire from my left side top corner main contact to ribbon 7 sounds crazy but I separated the 7 and 8th ribbon from the connector then just left the 8th one disconnected works great np at all didn’t loose anything I’m not any kind of electrical guy or anything I couldn’t even find my multi meter when I was figuring it out I was going to wire a switch directly then just figured out the operation of the power contacts inside the main control board on top of the inside of the lid hope this can help or you even get this if it’s still a problem for you


I am going to have to give that a try!^^ my son barely dumped a drink on mine now it will only light up the power button for a couple seconds then the battery light lights up then shuts off and i have to unplug it and plug it back in to do it again!


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