Replaced battery and now experiencing strange power issues

Recently replaced my iPod’s (4th gen grayscale) battery with one purchased in the IFIXIT store. After the install I restored the iPod back to factory setting and was on my way. Replacement battery had some charge out of the box which gave me 3-5 hours of use.

When I went to charge for the first time everything seemed to be fine. I was using an official firewire//30pin wire and the Apple wall charger. It was left to charge and the next morning the display still read “charging”. I took it off the charger and the battery indicator was completely empty but the iPod worked for a few hours. After a full battery discharge I plugged it in for a full charge to see if the battery indicator would calibrate—it did not—so I started tinkering and and noticed a few things:

  • Firewire connection is recognized by the iPod and will display a charging animation but the battery doesn’t ever seem to get juice—after my initial charge the iPod wont stay on for more than a few minutes.
  • An Apple official USB 30 pin cable yields the same results as the firewire but ONLY if paired with an apple branded power brick.
  • Unofficial USB wires and power bricks do not even register as being plugged in—which to my understanding is pretty common with the earlier generations of iPods but I am not sure to what extent this is normal.
  • My PC recognizes the iPod but does not supply power long enough to restore the device through iTunes.
  • When I try to enter disk/safe mode (holding the menu and center button) the reset starts—it shuts off and then the Apple logo pops up—but then boots right back into the normal OS

After some digging in these forums it doesn’t seem like a cut and dry hard drive, logic board, or battery issue. Does any one have any experience with this type of problem?

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