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Ghost touch after screen replacement

So I purchased a screen from iFixit to fix my old one. Everything worked fine for about the first 12 hours then suddenly it started experiencing pretty bad ghost touch about once every 10 minutes. I removed the screen and cleaned the contacts on the motherboard and display then reseated it to have the same problem in another 12 hours. Would this be a problem with the display or am I installing something wrong. I should also mention I installed a battery replacement also from iFixit.

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Hi Colin!

First at all do the following steps:

  • Thoroughly (but carefully) clean all connectors,
  • Make sure that all connectors (on the motherboard side and on screen flex side) aren’t broken or crooked
  • Make sure that you plugged connectors correct (as in Screen replacement guide)

Did you connected screen or battery as first?

If that steps won’t help, in 90% your new screen is damaged. Try to contact with customer support.

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I always connected the battery last and disconnected it first, and I cleaned the connectors with a qtip and isopropyl alcohol. So I'm convinced it's the screen. I Will try a new one as soon as they send one out.


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Essentially, what's happening is that while OEM iPhone screens contain a layer of coating designed to offer resistance against both the static electricity generated by one's fingers, and the oils / sweat produced by fingers which lead to fingerprints, condensation etc on screens, the third party ones seem to be severely lacking in this. That's why often this problem will take a while to appear after a repair - it starts happening once you get fingerprints, oils, or just condensation from these materials or your breath on the screen, and will temporarily fix itself if the screen has been wiped / unused for a while and therefore dried out.

Basically to sum all this up is Oil, dirt pile up, etc. will collect on your screen. Therefore your dirty screen is the problem for these “ghost touches” because there’s no protective layer on the screen.

( FYI, I copy and pasted the this from a post on Reddit.)

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can you forward the thread from which you got it please?


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If that's true and it's just oils then a screen protector should solve the problem. My radiant max 5 g phone has this problem and it's apparently common for this phone. I bought a new screen I hope it works

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