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Guide e informazioni per la riparazione dei controller Joy-Con di Nintendo Switch.

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Can the ZIF connector in a joy con come undone without opening it?

Over the past few weeks my right joy con has been having some physical connectivity issues when it’s inserted into handheld mode. It simply is registering in handheld mode whatsoever, and I’ve seemingly tried everything the internet has recommended so far. Additionally, the joy con doesn’t register with my ring con (ring fit accessory) which leads me to believe it could be something to do with the joy con internally. I’ve done some research and the ZIF connector could’ve supposedly come undone but I’m not sure if that’s entirely possible since I’ve never opened my joy con before. If someone could advise me here on what the issue is/how to resolve it I’d really appreciate it.

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It should not be possible for the ZIF connector to become undone inside the Joy-Con since you have never opened it because they are designed to stay in place firmly until you unlock the connector so there might be another problem internally with the Joy-Con because if you have dropped it something could have come loose or broken or there could be water damage or corrosion on the Joy-Con rail where it connects to the Nintendo Switch or to the Ring-Con.

I am not 100% sure what could be wrong with the Joy-Con and you may need to disassemble it and inspect the parts but there is also a risk with opening Joy-Cons you might damage the ribbon cables connecting to the rail and that could kill the rail so it would not be able to connect (physically not wirelessly) and charge.

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I've determined it's 100% an connectivity issue with the joy con itself, as the Ring-con has a similar ribbon cable mechanism to the switch and it connects with neither.

I'm not particularly rough with my system and play pretty much exclusively in handheld mode so i'm stumped as to why this has happened and honestly clueless as what to do now. I wouldn't have minded just cracking and buying another right joy con from JBHi-Fi but I just found out Nintendo cancelled the production of grey joy cons a couple of months ago and a replacement pair is $140.

If the joy con charges whilst connected to the switch does that indicate it's something to do with the ribbon cable / internal rail? I've noticed when I press the sync button it blinks a faint green light on the closet light to the button, which doesn't happen on my left one. This might indicate something wrong with the internal rail perhaps?


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