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Modello metà 2010, A1278 / processore Core Duo 2,4 o 2,66 GHz

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I lost my whole data while installing the new macos

I lost all my data while installing new MacOs ... any way to get all the data back including my Safari bookmarks password and everything?

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What was the original OS and what where you installing?

What was your process? Without having a detailed run down on the steps you took it will be hard to guide you on the needed steps.

In any case don't do anything with your system as the more you use it the greater the damage to the files!


My MacBook was stuck on the logo for a long time. so i tried to repair it with my bootable usb stick. in fact, YouTube was the guide for me. so I just follow the YouTube instructions and clicked the Erase…ALL GONE…and I 'm really happy now???


@ajimoza10 - Can you point us to the YouTube vid you watched as it sounds like the steps they told you to take was the wrong ones!

If you erased your drive there is still a chance to recover things but I really need to know what was the macOS versions involved here what you had and what you where trying to put on.

You see, Apple changed the file system! So as long as you used the older macOS releases Sierra (HFS+) and older we can recover your stuff. If you used anything newer from High Sierra (APFS) and onward we won't be able to.


@danj I'm using macOs High Sierra 10.13 .. MacBook Pro A1278


@ajimoza10 - Not good ;-{ So far no one has recovery tools to deal with APFS. Some have promised so far I haven't seen them.

If I where you and the data was very important but not needed today, I would take the drive out put it aside and get a new drive for your system. I'm sure in the next six months or so tools will be available.


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If you never reinstalled macOS you may be able to partition recovery or recover files using some software or bootable partition manager.

I think EaseUS do Macbook recovery software, I have got a few things back from customers using their free version :)

Other than that it is likely that your data is gone unless you hold time machine backups or cloud backups

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