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Power and sound buton dont work after replacement

Hi all,

I bought a used damaged phone. I replaced the display, wireless antenna coil(nfc), front camera, battery and flex cable with buttons power and sound.

Yet the buttons didnt work, iPhone started from the charger but buttons didnt work (home button is working). Also i got info about activation the iphone, i cant do that and when i insert the SIM card i didnt get network, still “search”.

What can i do next to fix that phone?

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I look back and check all the things again. Yet I see what happens. Motherboard is broken in place where is connector for upper speaker. Unfortunately I don't have more money to put in this phone anymore. I try to sell it as Defekt.

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First, I would run through the basics questions… Do all the flex cables have a good connection? Could it possibly just be a bad part? If none of the little things provide any answers, I would take a closer look at the connecters on the motherboard with a magnifying glass. Do any of the little pieces look bent or moved? The display and home button is a good sign, but you may want to go back and double check everything went smoothly.

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