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The 2018 version of the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone released in October 2018.

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CPU damaged and unable to recover data on it

Hi my phone suffered severe water damage while camping and sitting in a pool of water for an unknown length of time. As I pulled it out of the water I instinctively pressed the home button and it worked but then when I looked at it again it wouldn't turn on. My partner opened it up, dryed it out and removed the corrosion he could see but it still wouldn’t power on or even attempt to charge. He used a current meter and it was short circuiting badly. We had no choice but to send it to a data recovery company as we didn't have the tools and know how to proceed any further. On assessment we were told that the CPU had been floated and needed reballing. They did this and cleaned it up properly under the caps but unfortunately my phone still wouldnt switch on and they said because of this they wouldn't be able to recover my photos and videos. I received this update:

‘The Phone attempts to charge but no APS_HOLD signal coming from CPU'

I know that with a damaged CPU and my phone unable to power up I won't be able to recover my media files due to encryption but I was wondering if there is the possibility of my phone's CPU being fixed and if anyone can point me to a company that might be able to help me. Thank you in advance.

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look up northridgefix on YT hes a great guy and may be able to fix this for you! good luck!

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