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Repair information and guides for the 2015 Retina MacBook Air. Model A1534

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Does the MacBook retina 12" work without battery?

Hi! I was offered a broken Macbook 12” A1534. Screen doesn’t work, battery is dead.

I was thinking about tearing it apart, take out the logicboard+speakers/antennae plug it into a usb-c dock, and create a Mac Micro… It is my understanding that when a macbook is closed, but connected to power/video/keyboard it will turn itself on in closed lid mode. But I wonder, would this work without a battery?

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Yes. The MacBook retina 12" 2015 can run without battery. I'm typing this message on one while the battery is not installed.

I can't say wether it will run without a screen though. Also, if your device is currently not turning on with the dead battery, it might be logic board damage causing the issue.

Update (02/27/2022)

See: Power on MacBook 12" A1534 without battery

Also see: Why does my MacBook 12" A1534 say: Battery not installed?

For my progress on getting it to work with the battery again.

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Arie - Running and using are a bit different. Without a battery any disruption of power risks loosing what you are working on as well as create corruptions within your SSD.

Think of it this way you are compiling your code on a desktop system and the power goes out! All that work is lost and you may end up needing to reformat your drive and rebuild your systems OS and Apps.

Also your systems SMC services will also reduce your systems CPU clocking if your system has a fan it would have ramped up its RPM's trying to keep the system from overheating.


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Sorry, no that’s just not possible!

A laptop is just that a laptop it’s not designed to run with major parts missing.

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Hi! I’m not talking about running a laptop. A Macbook can still run when it’s keyboard or mouse are not working, so what is the difference if I unplug keyboard+mouse+screen and run them separately through USB and HDMI? The only “important” component would be the battery, which, many Macbooks can run without.


Let's look at this in a more physical way.... I have a old 1960 VW bug which still has a great engine and I want to put it into my 2008 Ford Mustang which has a blown engine. Will it fit and work? Nope! Even if you where able to do it, will it really make it a great car in the end??

I fully understand what you want here, reinventing this system into a desktop like system is not doable as simply as you want it to.

By all means take it on as a project prove me wrong! You'll need to get the schematics and boardview drawings to emulate the expected connections. I would expect it will cost you a few grand in parts and hours of time. And even then it won't be worth it.


you know that you can plug keyboard in just through the usb c port... you can still plug the logic board into a usb c dock and expand it to an external monitor and keyboard


@womiwxk45xjel5n - Using an external keyboard and display on a working system is a lot different trying to run a bare board with a USB-C hub with them connected externally.

You are forgetting the MacBook has Thermal and Power management services (SMC) which won’t like loosing access to its sensors.


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