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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Touch not working. Apple Store says it may be swollen battery?

My trusted iPad Air 2 works perfectly…except for the digitiser. Suddenly stopped working while using Safari. Apparently for no reason: I didn’t drop it or shake it hard or anything. I did drop it earlier, from about half a meter high, but was more than a month ago. Small dent on one upper corner, the only visible damage on the device. Faint noise from the upper section on light shaking.

Slider to shut down is presented but I can not use it. Soft reset presents request for password. Again no use. Tried to Update through iTunes: completed with success but nothing changed. Same with Restore.

Finally brought it to the nearest Apple Store. They confirmed an hardware issue. By pressing with fingers on display the Apple Genius discovered battery may be swollen. Battery is only half through it’s life but it was exposed to high heat while on vacation and sometimes charged overnight.

Before attempting with a repair shop I would like to know if anybody can share his/her experience of replacing the Air 2 display recently.

Edit: tried Restore that now works. All buttons work. Display works (except digitizer clearly). All sensors work. Battery charging works. Face down on a table and pressing on corners doesn’t produce any tilting. Very puzzling.

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Finally decided to trust my favorite 3rd party repair shop. And they delivered. Digitizer controller failed after dropping the device once and a replacement restored my iPad back to full functionality. To my amazement looks as good as before despite being as thin as we know it.

I was quite curious about troubleshooting and then micro soldering a tiny integrated circuit in a tightly packed device and he shared a video (not his) about how it’s done. Here for who is curious as well:

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For once, the Apple genius might be right on this. Given that device came out almost 7 years ago it might be time for a battery replacement. If you set it on a flat surface and look at it from the side you might be able to see the screen have a slight curvature to it or you might even be able to feel it. If it’s real bad the screen may even begin to lift off of the frame. Keep in mind that if the battery did in fact start to swell there is a possibility that the digitizer got damaged resulting in the unresponsiveness you’ve been noticing and may require a display replacement as well.

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Thanks for the answer. I tried with multiple angles but couldn’t see anything. Only one other way to know. But between the risk of receiving counterfeit parts and the potential overall of battery + display assembly + labor I am not sure it’s worth it.

Edit: also screen borders are perfectly flush with metal borders and separation even on all sides. Swelling, if any, should have minimal effect on the screen assembly.


@wuming2 I don't blame you. Now a lot of repair shops use aftermarket, not counterfeit parts. Counterfeit parts would've been made by a third party that slapped an apple logo on it and called it OEM. Just be aware that although we independent shops use a lot of aftermarket parts, it's because apple doesn't sell them to just anyone without jumping through an unreasonable amount of hoops and we'll typically offer the repairs at a more reasonable price and even a better warranty. For example the iPhone batteries I use in my own shop are higher capacity so you get more run time. They are physically a larger battery but it's still well within the the spatial tolerances inside the device and they have proper safety systems like voltage, amperage, and temperature monitoring.


@hootonberg I understand. My experience of non oem parts arises from an old iPhone 5 I bought secondhand. Display was not working properly and even the lightning cable, to my much surprise, lead to overheating. Replacement at Apple costed almost as much as the phone itself but guaranteed years of useful life. This being said I am sure most independent repair shops just want to do a good job.


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Almost one month later I can report a deviation from the original: it heats up more and more often. Not uncomfortable just different. Not sure why.

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