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The Samsung Chromebook 3, introduced in 2016, is the successor to the Chromebook 2 and features an Intel Celeron N3060 processor. The XE500C13-K01US model has 2 GB RAM while the XE500C13-K02US model has 4 GB RAM.

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How to remove management off of a chromebook

do you guys know a way to remove management off of a chromebook? I have had my Samsung Chromebook 3 for at least 2 years and i wanted to do a powerwash. So I did that and... I accidently signed into my school account. Now my chromebook is my school's chromebook. But I can still sign in with my regular account. But I can't turn on Linux or be in dev mode. I use Linux for steam and a virtual machine. Can someone help me remove management?

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It may be that you need to ask the school to remove if from their list..

See this

for other options.

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Thank you bro! I really needed to get rid of it.


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