chrysler 200S: off-center metallic rotation noise in D or N

It seems to be faster as the car moves forward faster. It happens in drive and neutral. It seems to be front of car. This is not AWD. It is 6cy. There is a rub or drag sound. The inconsistency or pulse is why it seems off-center. I assume it’s a rotation noise.


As there is no error code the dealership throws up their hands. I have the factory extended warranty.


These are the various things said by the dealership or replaced:

  • replaced engine idler pulley and bearing,
  • replaced transmission mounts,
  • replaced motor mounts.
  • I have put on new tires.
  • They verified brakes are good. The brake rotor is not warped.


I don’t speak-car sufficiently to isolate it. First no one else could hear it. Now my friends without acute hearing notice it. Over time it is becoming louder.

Does anybody have any great ideas what this might be?

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