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Can't update or restore

i am trying to restore an iphone 7 but its not working. I have made sure that Itunes for Windows is updated and it has updated the phone but not able to restore and just wondered if there is a problem with the phone and something needs to be replaced. The battery seems to be fine (haven't needed to charge the phone, no swelling) and the screen, although cracked, is working. I can see that someone has opened the phone and the pentalobe screws are missing as well as the brackets for the lower display and front panel sensor assembly connectors but otherwise looks ok. Do you have any suggestions of what might be wrong?

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Could be the charging port or possibly the tristar chip might be bad. You need to try and charge it, it might not be making a connection to the charging cable. If it's been opened the charging port might be unplugged. It's hard to say unless you open it up to make sure everything is connected inside.

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thank you so much for getting back to me, will try charging it, i opened it up and nothing seems to disconnected and all fine apart from a small scratch on the taptic engine


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