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The Wi-Fi only version of Apple's iPad 6, released in March 2018. Available with 32 and 128 GB storage options. Features a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A10 fusion chip.

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iPad a1893 power and volume buttons issue - components missing

Hello, I am looking for some help around, I have an iPad a1893 with some components missing after the volume and power buttons are not working due to a previous screen replacement. (the technician broke the resistors and the capacitors)

I am looking for the the values of them but I see that there is no schematics available.

Is there anyone with a spare board that might be able to give me a hand with the value of the all components ?

Here are the photos :

Block Image

Block Image

Thanks in advance.

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Your best bet is to search for a damaged iPad 6 online and buy in for parts. Then look to sell off other parts or keep for future repairs. Measure values first then move them over to your iPad one by one


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You can buy them from

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