Fans on full blast and OS/mouse is laggy and CPU throttles.

I have a problem with a iMac 27” september 2013 model.

When turning it on, fans go on 100% speed and the system lags horribly.

Checked on google, and apparently some temp sensor is faulty. Have replaced the LCD temp sensor with a new one with no success.

Is there any temp sensors on the motherboard, and if so, where is their location?

(I have a soldering iron so I could replace them if required).

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Lets try running the onboard diagnostics to see what it shows. Restart your system and press the D key to enter (you may need a wired keyboard). until you can identify what's failed it would not be wise altering things.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations Let us know what it tells you.

Right now your system is in CPU Safe mode where SMC pushes the fan hard and lowers the CPU's clocking which is why things are sluggish.

I would recommend getting a good thermal monitoring app like TG Pro once things are fixed so you have a better way to monitor things!


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