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Soldering is a method of connecting two pieces of metal together by melting another filler metal in between them. There are many kinds of soldering, but this article is designed to teach you the basics of electrical soldering.

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What JBC soldering station for microsoldering


Im starting with microsoldering and I dont know what soldering station. I want hakko fm 203 but the shipping fee in my country is about 100 dollars. Is there anyone who is soldering with JBC station? It is better for me to buy this station. What about JBC CD 2BE? Do it a great job?

I tried to work with Chinese Jabe UD 1200 and it is useless. Tried to clean the pads of audio IC on iPhone 6s - impossible.

Thank you for your help.

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Have a look at Lous Rossman his review of both of them :-) he's very honest about the gear he uses.


I found EU version of Hakko FX 951 so I hope it will works perfect.


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I have one of these. Great station for through hole and medium size SMD, but if you need to do a lot of micro soldering you would be better off with the CD-S station. The base station is the same, but the set comes with the T210 handle. This one is smaller and takes the smaller tips designed for soldering smal smd components.

Check the JBL website, there’s a new CDE-S station coming with cool new features.

Regards, Eelco

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