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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Replacement Screen Image Persistence (Hosting) Problem

Hello iFixit,

I have an 13’ inch Macbook air 2013 and replaced the LCD screen from a replacement I bought at eBay. It was successful but I have accidentally dropped the computer and the screen started having image persistance and ghosting.

I’m hoping that it’s an LCD problem so that I can fix it again but wanted to make sure. Looking forward to your feedback.

In this video I’m running the test at [1] and you can see the ghosting effect at the thing moving.

In this video, I’m just moving my cursor and you can see the cursor is slowly updated it’s in a way kept persistant.

Update: I have replaced the LCD screen and it solved the problem.

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Seems to be some kind of frame buffering issue with the LCD. What troubleshooting have you done hardware wise? Have you tried reseating the LCD cable on the motherboard? Most likely it’s a screen, but I would try all the obvious things first: unplug the battery, making sure the cables are properly seated after the drop (including your ssd), and then powering up and seeing if it continues. If it does, I’d say it’s most likely an LCD.

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@judahorion Thank you for the answer. I haven’t done any testing and I will see whether I can handle them. On the other hand, the incident happened 4 months ago and nothing has changed. By the way, I have been using the mac air by connecting to an external monitor without a problem.


@dikey - Sorry time for another new screen ;-{


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