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My ice maker is not working please help

I have a Whirlpool Side-by-side refrigerator, Model # ED5LTAXVL00. My ice maker quit working a few years ago and never really worried about it. I have read all the other posts about similar issues. I have recently, yesterday, replaced the module and still no ice. I checked to ensure the wire from the door to the freezer and they are not broken. I used a voltalert voltage tester and have power in the freezer unit wall.

I attempted to pull on the water inlet and did see water droplets form around the inlet so believe there is water there. I still have water in the door, but no ice.

I should mention I was terrible about replacing the water filter but it’s been replaced recently. If the Any help would be appreciated to avoid buying a new refrigerator.

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If there is no water in the icemaker mold at all (frozen or not):

  1. Check the freezer temperatures. An icemaker will not work if the temp is above 20 degrees, and preferably should be below 15 degrees.
  2. Check the fill tube for ice build up. Take a turkey baster with hot water and flush out the line.
  3. Check water pressure coming into the fridge’s inlet valve. It should be a steady stream, strong enough to knock over a plastic cup.
  4. Check the inlet valve. While checking the water pressure, check for gunk buildup in the inlet valve. Also check for leaks around the valve. Also the valve could just be bad. Because your fridge dispenses water at the door, you have double solenoid valve, and the icemaker side could be bad, while still having water at the door.

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