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Repair guides for the Huawei Mate 20 Lite Android smartphone, released in September 2018. Model numbers SNE-AL00, SNE-LX1, SNE-LX2, SNE-LX3, INE-LX2.

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Ghost touches and ghost burn in to black screen


For months I saw very little “ghost burn ins” on my mate 20lite lcd, but I did not bothered me much.

One day it started making ghost touches in many parts of the screen. I have managed to turn on visualisation of touch so it was making line. And ghost burn ins intensified, screen colors became not so solid. After lock/unlock phone for couple of seconds ghost touches fixed.

Then it went to black screen with backlight working. I have restarted couple of times , then lcd was back to showing things with big burn ins. some vertical lines appeared but then disappeared. I have left it to battery to die over night with youtube video. Next morning it was dead black screen with backlight working.

I opened and found one red water indicator near charging port, but it was never wet moderately, maybe few small drops. Left it open in silica gel for a weekend ,after weekend turned it on, and screen was alive for like 30sec with touch working.

Then it went black again. Phone is vibrating when restarting but not making any sounds, and is recognized by computer. Charging led is ok, sometimes after many restarts backlight blinks 3 times. But that is it.

I know it is a long and very abstract read but I have an opportunity to buy motherboard cheaply, and screen is about same on chinese store. I dont want to buy both. Any suggestions?

Update (01/25/2021)

Block Image

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The screen DEFINITELY needs replaced. It seems that your board is totally fine, however, all of the issues you are describing are display-related.

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Screen is coming. Will update after replacement.


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