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iPhone antenna band with dent on it

I tried searching high and low for an answer with no luck.

My question is about iPhone antenna bands. From what I’ve learned, they allow signals to enter and exit iPhone casing. What I couldn’t find is whether they “transfer” anything themselves.

Why I’m asking is because of the classic situation of dropping the phone and the fall left a dent in upper right antenna band. So, will having antenna band with dent effect iPhone’s functionality (or signal strength) in any way or is the damage just purely cosmetic?

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The antenna bands themselves have no real function, think of it as a window in your house where you place a Wi-Fi router behind it to get signal in your garden. They are only there to let the signals pass through, they don’t contribute themselves to the transmission or reception of the signals. If the sensor which is behind the antenna band is not damaged, everything will be fine and you’ll not encounter any signal loss.

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