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iPhone 6s doesn't turn on after a charging port replacement

I bought this iPhone with a non working screen, the battery was at 50%, i got the screen replaced and it worked, until it i had to charge it, since i didn’t have any original chargers i bought one but when plugged in, the screen showed the time to plug it in image. So i bought two more chargers but it resulted in the same thing, so i bought an original charging port from a locked phone, my iPhone is model A1688, and the charging port was coming from a A1633. So after i got the charging port replaced, when i press the power button it doesn’t show anything anymore. Please help.

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1.The charging port may not be compatible with the iPhone that you have. I’d suggest you get the charging port for the correct model and try that out.

2. did the charging port work for the other phone? If not than that would be one problem.

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