A1224 Kernal panic and bootloop

I obtained a older iMac recently and found it was bootlooping. I have a boot disk, however it will not mount or boot for that matter. I’ve tried every key combo in the book. Any sugjestions

Let me also note that I only hear the chime over and over about 2-3 seconds apart.

I also have no video or logo on the screen.

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A system which is in boot loop often points to a POST error condition.

Restart your system and with a USB keyboard plugged in press the D key to enter into diagnostics. Depending on the OS-X release you might not get in at which point you would need the original grey CD/DVD's that came with the system to boot up under the one that has diagnostics on it.


I don't have the cd, but I do have a USB drive with the correct os on it. Will this work. Also could my usb port be bad if it none of the the key combos work.


Sadly these early models will only boot up under FireWire drives, not USB


Will it work with the built in cd drive or no?


@yeetkid - if the CD is properly set up, yes


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