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Un piccolo aggiornamento del MacBook Air di fine 2019, con lo stesso numero di modello (A1932) e numero EMC (3184). Questo modello ha uno schermo True Tone e una batteria leggermente revisionata.

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Replacing Battery, what about adhesive for speakers?

I’m looking to replace a battery on a 13” MacBook Air 2019. I looked at the take apart and it seems straight forward. My assumption is the new battery will have new adhesive. What about the left and right speakers though? I’ll have to remove the adhesive strips to get those out and looking at the take apart the adhesive strips look ruined after they are removed. Any suggestions on best method of securing the left/right speakers?

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I am replacing the battery "right now" on a MBA 2019 True Tone & noticed the replacement battery does NOT have any of the adhesive strips mentioned. I plan to test a couple of solutions on reassembly ONLY IF NEEDED. 1st, I'll apply several strips of the 2 sided tape, (known as "Adhesive Strip kit used to secure display on iMac). NOTE: Tesa 61395 Tape available on the website;

Tesa 61395 Tape / "Good Stuff"! Some of the best available at any price!

Throughout the reassembly process closely watching for any battery movement to confirm. In the event battery slide / slipping is discovered, disassemble & place "Thermal Pad" custom cut into the 3 grooves on each side. Apply display strip tape onto the pads - reassemble. In the event keeping the battery safely in place; disassemble - remove all pads & tape. Clean & apply "Thermal Conductive Plaster". Silicone Viscous Adhesive Compound designed for just such a need. If Thermal Conductive Plaster is required I pity the individual that attempts to replace the battery in the future. I would also write a "warning" "permanent marker" inside (bottom case) alerting anyone's future efforts. At the very least providing information what to expect hopefully preventing serious damage. Many tech's reading such a warning would stop the repair and investigate.

It would require an extreme amount of movement before EVER CONSIDERING Thermal Conductive Plaster as a solution to ANYTHING that could POSSIBLY require a future repair.

NOTE: IMHO - Anyone working on digital equipment should make the above mentioned a part of your tool bag. Especially - Thermal Pads - 0.5mm, 1.0mm & 2.0mm, "thicknesses at the very least". If working on iMac(s) 2 sided display tape in roll rather than " custom cut" is considerably less costly. I actually find it easier to work with if you purchase a decent product. Thermal Glue is another essential but beware there is good and down right "miserable" products to be had. Thermal Conductive Plaster is a bit spend y & should only be considered when NO FUTURE DISASSEMBLY is the plan. A much better solution would be E6000 Adhesive Glue available from IFIXIT - E6000 Adhesive Glue A phenomenal silicone glue that "could be" separated if needed in the future -- "MAYBE". I absolutely LOVE E6000. E6000 has been a go to for many years & earned my respect! Over the years have learned many adhesive lessons the hard way...

I hope this helps,

Douglas Swinhart ~~ Semi-retired (4+ decades self-employed System Administrator / Configuration Specialist)

Immagine E6000 Adhesive Glue


E6000 Adhesive Glue


Immagine Tesa 61395 Tape


Tesa 61395 Tape


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