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Why won’t the power button work after a screen replacement?

So I had a Huawei P30 Pro come into the shop for the first time for a simple screen replacement.

I replaced the screen and the device seemed to functioned perfectly only to find the power button would not respond and/or turn on or off the device.

I know for a fact it was working before. Still with no solution a second P30 Pro came into our shop a week later for a screen replacement again. I just completed the screen repair only to find it has the identical issue with the power button!!!

anyone have any solutions or come across this before!? I’m out of ideas.

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Took me hours to figure this out - the cable from the buttons runs to between the motherboard and the frame, you just need to re-screw down the motherboard and circuit will be complete, buttons will start working again.

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While still off, hold the power button down for 10-20 seconds, let go, reconnect battery and power the phone on. This works for many

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Ah this didn’t work.

I have unplugged and reply the battery multiple times. The only way to “turn it on” is to plug it into the power


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Did you resolve this? I'm having the same problem!

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