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The Toshiba Satellite P775-S7320 is black with a textured lid that has a shiny silver Toshiba logo in the center. The laptop includes a smudge resistant wrist rest as well. This model was released in 2011.

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How to bypass HDD/SSD password as soon as I turn on laptop

Everytime I turn on my laptop i am being required to enter a HDD/SSD password . I do not know of the password and I want to bypass this some way. Can anyone help ?

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I have the same problem and every time I restart my laptop no matter how fast I press F2 button the enter hhd/ssd password screen keeps showing


I guess they don't understand that pressing F2 doesn't have any effect.


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@cmg01 you could try to reset it by following the steps from here.

If that does not work you maybe dealing with an an ATA password which then it is possible that the info is stored on the hard drive itself.  Certain hard drives store drive parameters such as the password etc., on the platter.  Some drives store that information on a chip on the PCB.  There might be a chance to retrieve your data from the HDD if you can find the exact PCB for your hard drive and swap the PCB . Even that is a big maybe.

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