Can someone please help?

Ive managed to rip my nfc coil that is behind the back plastic and now my phone wont charge it just says temp to low.Ive watched numerous youtube videos on different fixes and none work.So im needing help finding the part.Ive searched several different sites including the mfg site and cant find this one part!I have the original galaxy fold model number f900u can someone please direct me or give me a link were i can purchase this part?Thank you.

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Can you post a picture of the damage?


sorry for late response but i dint have the coil no more it was damaged and got tossed out because someone told me theres no fixing a tore coil.So now i dont have none at all in my phone and it wont charge at all without saying temp to low.?Do you know of a way to bypass that sensor even if by removing the chip from the board?Thank you


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