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Keyboard and trackpad not working and keeper on ZIF connector damaged?

Having replaced the DC-in board (thanks!) it will boot but the keyboard and mouse do nothing (no backlight, sound up or down, key presses, etc.) nor does the trackpad work.

Using an external keyboard and mouse everything but the built in keyboard and track pad works including wi-fi, sound, on even the PRAM remembers the date. With the exception of the built-in keyboard and trackpad, everything else seems to work with the only minor exception being that it doesn’t remember the WiFi router? Can these be from the PRAM battery when it does remember the date?

It is using the original main battery which shows green on the power connector and all LEDs are lit on the battery.

Energy savers are set to never as well as unchecked put hard drives to sleep.

I’m running Tiger 10.4.11 with 2 GB ram.

The small keeper on the ZIF connector for the keyboard/trackpad is missing the piece you tighten/loosen with the spudger but it still clicks in to hold the ribbon cable so, it is the only piece I see that is questionable. Is there a replacement piece for this keeper …it’s just the locking part of it and not the connector, itself.

I suppose I could just use an external keyboard and mouse but if it’s possible to even hack a repair, I’d like to get it all working? I wish there was a detailed description of how these ZIF connectors work?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! This used to be my main computer AND it is loaded with lots of software that no longer is sold so, I’d really like to get it working, again!

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The Diggerati your PB is definitely a PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1.67 GHz (High-Res) Model A1139?


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The Digeratti if your PB is definitely a PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" Model A1139 then the connector for your trackpad is a Molex 54550-1094. Here is the datasheet for it ME10 That should repair the issues that your PB is having right now.

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