Onkyo LS-T10 soundbar not turning on

Hey all,

my Onkyo LS-T10 soundbar has decided to stop turning on.

I tried long-pressing several front button combination (including this one https://www.experthelp.com/question/1258... requiring to press buttons when the power unplugged) but nothing has worked.

A problem there is debugging this device is that the front are touch and dont give any feedback, so I cant even tell if the button press is registered or not.

A few extra:

  • it’s not the first time the device refuses to turn on (or turns on unexpectedly) but those problems usually resolved themselves within the matter of hours. But they could point at a problem with the power supply
  • if I connect the brick to the wall the LED on it turns on, so the brick seems to work fine (I also tested it with a multimeter)
  • if I unplug the brick from the wall the LED stays on for about a minute and if I plug the device the LED lasts only a few seconds, just as I would expect from a device trying to pull power
  • The brick itself has no screws so I expect it’s not made to be opened

Any advice on what to try to see if my unit is really-really dead?


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