Screen is black until I unplug and replug back in the power

HI, I have a Apple LED Cinema Display. In the last couple of weeks its slowly developed an issue, and seems to be getting gradually worse. Its on my Mac Pro running a flashed AMD Radeon RX-580 GPU.

The screen goes black on reboot or start up. The Mac knows its there (I have dual displays) the hard drives etc plugged into it are seen by the Mac and the Mac thinks its on but the screen is black.

If I unplug the power leave it 10 seconds and then replug it back in it usually starts back up again. Sometimes it might take 2 goes of doing that for it to come back to life.

I am not sure if this is connected but the screen is slightly more dull than the other screen. ie not a bright and crisp. Image quality is still great. Its just slightly duller.

Any thoughts, before I plow in and pull it apart? LED, Backlight or Logic board?

Thanks much appreciated.

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did you try reseating the display cable into the GPU? Did you try swapping the displays around to see if the problem stayed with the system or the display?

If it's staying with the display, I would replace the power supply.


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