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La versione 2016 del telefono economico Samsung Galaxy A3 (numero modello: A310F).

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Galaxy a3 (2016) completely dead, but I want its data

My Galaxy A3 (2016) decided to stop charging last week, and is now COMPLETELY dead (I tried to start it many times I’m afraid, before realising I should save any residual power for a fix). Pressing start and volume etc don’t work, and the phone is not detected if I connect it to my PC. I get no response regardless of what I do. I don’t need the phone back in working order, I just want to access its hard data. Its out of warranty, so wanted to know if there was any way I could access its data without paying Samsung through the nose! Thanks all.

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connect it to charger for several hours (keep an eye it does not get hot/burst - in case battery is defective). Try then to start.


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It’s hard to tell what the problem is as there could be many issues. Things that I would do is check/ replace: Battery and charging port. If they are good then make sure that the phone is not water damaged, you don’t need to put the phone in water for water to get in. Steam can also water damage your phone if its not sealed well. Without having the phone power on you wont be able to get the data only from the SIM if you have one in. Last options would be to transplant your motherboard into another phone and see if that works.

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