Why does my Huawei P10 not charge with more power than it consumes?

Device: Huawei P10 (VTR-l09)


When plugged in, the phone recognizes the charger but the battery state of charge does not increase but rather decreases. The charger and cable are fine (about 1A of charging current measured with other device) and the phones power consumption is not unusually high (no streaming, no games, the phone does not really get hot). When turned off the phone does not even recognize the charger.

The problem occured after i replaced the display with the help of an iFixit tutotial (no offence). After i had checked the corrected installation multiple times and it still did not work I reinstalled the old original display and replaced the old battery with a new one.

Sadly the problem did not disappear. A factory reset also did not help. What could be the cause of the Problem? Could the problem potentially be solved by replacing the little chargeport pcb?

I appreciate any of your thoughts on this, thanks a lot in advance!

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