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Repair guides and support for wireless and corded computer mice by Logitech.

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How to I break down a Logitech M600?

The Logitech M600 has no visible screws, and none under the slidey things.

Does anyone know if it’s safe t just work a blade around the top and prise it off?

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Hi @rouffian

I think there should be one screw holding.

Most probably in the battery compartment, under the label


I noticed in the pictures of a review for it, there is a little compartment of space next to the battery compartment that might have a screws inside it. Get a flashlight and look in those small side compartments next to the battery compartment.


I tried the trick where you pull out the batteries and turn it off and then tap the buttons for 30 seconds. That was pretty good, but I am still getting some unnecessary double-clicks, so I still want to gut it like a fish.

I have two of these mice, and one works perfectly, so I can clearly see the problem.


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The surface is glued. Use a hairdryer. Two of the three screws under the sensor

Block Image

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That's brilliant! Thanks. I am really glad that I didn't use brute force and ignorance. Clearly I would have stood a good change of killing it forever.

It's a great mouse, by the way.


I started with this, but I understood the reason before I could break


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Here's a YouTube video of a full teardown of the m600.

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this is a g600


Sorry, must of skipped the M. I would definitely try what the top comment suggested.


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