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Informazioni sulla riparazione e sullo smontaggio per la versione aggiornata del 2020 del MacBook Air. Lanciato a marzo 2020.

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Compatibility for 2020 MacBook Air display assembly


I was wondering if someone knowledgeable can confirm whether the 2020 MacBook Air’s display assembly is interchangeable with that of the 2019 model?

Initially I thought the 2020 screen was backwards compatible with 2018 and 2019, but I found per that apparently the 2019 model supports True Tone which the 2018 did not.

Much appreciated!

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Here’s the breakdown on the display assemblies:


  • Space Grey, Apple P/N 661-09733
  • Silver, Apple P/N 661-09734
  • Gold, Apple P/N 661-09735

2019 - TrueTone

  • Space Grey, Apple P/N 661-12586
  • Silver, Apple P/N 661-12587
  • Gold, Apple P/N 661-12588

2020 - TrueTone & Scissor Keys

  • Space Grey, Apple P/N 661-15389
  • Silver, Apple P/N 661-15390
  • Gold, Apple P/N 661-15391

Sadly, there is no compatibility between any of these!

You can’t use the 2019 display on the 2020 as the lid is setup differently for the longer stroke of the scissor keys!

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Oh no, if true, that is worse than I feared... Looks like I’ll need to hunt for a 2020 assembly then. Thank you for looking this up, Dan. You just saved me from wasting a few hundred dollars and hours of frustration!


What flavor are you looking for Space Grey, Silver or Gold?


Gold would match my current machine. But I’m open. For my curiosity, are parts interchangeable between colors within the same year?


Yes, you can mix the color within the same series. While cool, you loose resale value so I don't recommend it.

Here's one source for the gold lid 13" MacBook Air Complete Display - Gold - New!


Thank you Dan! Apple quoted me about $650 so that seems the best route barring a part found on eBay. You’ve been very informative and I appreciate your sharing your expertise!


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The guys over at MobileSentrix are selling THIS:

Block Image

So who the !&&* really knows?

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