Reattaching mesh floor to a tarp on a cuban fiber tent

I have an old, much loved Cuban fiber ultralight tent. On the last trip, the fabric on one end of the tent where the netting and floor are attached to the tarp ripped at the seam. I assumed it was the stitching at first, but it's actually the Cuban fiber fabric. In the pic you can see the thread of the stitching is 100%, and if you look carefully, you can also see that the thread is creating big holes in the fabric that hasn't ripped yet (toward the right side of the frayed part). This tear is not in a spot that is critical to the structure of the tent, but obviously it is under some tension or it wouldn't have ripped in the first place.

Block Image

My first thought is that I need to somehow reinforce the fabric in order to re-attach the floor to the tarp. I thought about using some seam seal or maybe some kind of tape to reinforce the fabric around what is currently attached. Hopefully, that would keep it from getting worse?

To repair the part that is already torn, I thought about sewing on some other fabric to reinforce the Cuban fiber. Then I could sew the floor to that. 

Unfortunately, the Cuban fiber seems to be pretty fragile around the stitching holes, so I'm afraid that my beginner sewing skills might add more holes into the system and create more problems in the long run. If I used something like Tenacious Tape to reinforce the fabric and then glued the floor to that with seam seal. Any ideas on how well those kinds of materials might hold up to that kind of tension? Or, alternatively, if I try it what is the likelihood that I will regret it later?

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