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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with capacities from 500 GB up to 5 TB.

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WD My Passport showing up in device manager, not disk management

I have searched for and looked through many questions and answers but haven’t found a solution to my issue which seems really specific. I have a WD My Passport Ultra 260D that’s only about three months old and it stopped being recognized a few days ago, while it was still plugged in. It shows up in Device Manager under disk drives and also shows the WD Drive Management devices. If I right click the drive to show Properties it will say it is working properly, the driver is updated, but if i click on the Volumes tab it doesn’t recognize anything, and when I click on the Details tab, the Properties window freezes completely as well as the device manager window.

I tried uninstalling it thru the device manager but that didn’t do anything and just stayed running indefinitely. Trying to eject the drive with the tray icon doesn’t do anything.

It doesn’t show up under Disk Management so I can’t try the partition solution that has worked for some people. I tried downloading the MiniTool Partition Wizard and it’s not recognized there either.

I’ve tried different cables, ports, and a different computer (both running Windows 10). I tried plugging it in halfway and that didn’t work. It’s not making any clicking noises or anything.

Please help me this problem is stressing me out so much and making all my muscles tense I just want to access my stuff!!!!!!

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There is a slim chance some top-end data recovery software could help IF it is just a matter of the partition table being corrupted or (not good) there is a problem with the “all-in-one” circuit board.

These “all-in-one” named brand external drives are bad news because they combine the drive and the USB circuit boards into only one so that if one dies they both die. When you replace it buy the external case and a standard drive separately (easy to upgrade as well). I have had only 5 drives die in over 35 years of experience as a professional tech.

If money is an issue for you could try these freeware programs below.

If you read the manual ‘Test Disk” is a good freeware tool for partitions:

It is very “techie” and all text based, thus why studying the manual is important.

For just specific file type recovery “Recuva” can be good. Easier user interface.

I've used this program successfully many times but it cost money:

It recovers partitions AND files by a raw searching of the entire hard drive.

Good luck.

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So does this mean it's definitely a hardware failure and not fixable by futzing about on windows? Well that's great news lol :(

At this point, is my only option to try professional data recovery and/or maybe get a replacement while it's still under warranty?

I do have a reliable Seagate drive as my main backup but I didn't get to reconcile portable drive to big drive before this one failed. I was just looking forward to having a portable drive instead of the big one that needs a power outlet.

Thank you for your help, appreciate it.



Hi Alf,

No not definitely hardware failure. I'm not there so it is hard to definitively say what is what with your drive. Try the programs I mentioned. They are both freeware and can work in just an exploritory mode with out changing anthing on the drive.

TestDrive will certainly let you know if any partitions are accessible.

Just another note against these name brand externals:

With a normal external drive you just take the drive out and install it in the computer so it doesn't go through the USB interface. With these WD, etc. you can't do that as the electronics have no direct SATA connection.

If you could do that programs like "Spinrite" could possibly recover bad sectors.

Have I convinced you yet to not buy them?


Ok so. Drive is plugged in, still recognized by device manager, but not detected by either of these programs. Gah!!!!!!!

Or, maybe it is by Recuva, because it shows 6 disks, where Disk Manager shows only 5 (C:\ and then what i believe are the native recovery partitions?). 5 of the disks scan fine, but trying to scan the 6th disk identified as Local Disk, \\.\HarddiskVolume2 results in "unable to determine file system type."

Honestly, yes you have convinced me lol, but with only a laptop I currently don't have the resources to get on that level just yet :( highly disappointed in this garbage. Where to go from here?



I'm surprised about TestDisk not working. Are you sure you ran it correctly?

You MUST read the manual. It is not "consumer's" software. Very "techie" but almost always works.

Have another look.

I've used this program many times successfully but it cost money:

It recovers partitions AND files by a raw searching of the entire hard drive.


I read the manual and also watched a video tutorial, but I'll just have my much more experienced tech friend take a crack it.

I tried to uninstall the device again and it actually completed this time, but clicking on the Details tab in the properties window from device management still freezes indefinitely which is very weird. Would you have any idea why that would be, or if that matters


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