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High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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ipad pro temperature sensor

HI, my ipad pro restarts every few minutes, i was told by apple support that this was caused by a faulty temperature sensor, is this economical to repair ? or is it repairable ?

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Do you have a Mac system? If you do plug in your iPad into it and install CoconutBattery on your mac so you can review your iPads batteries health. You may just need a new battery.

There are people who specialize in iPhone and iPad repairs. I’m talking about the deep micro work not the simple stuff. Maybe you need to send your system in to one of them like iPad Rehab

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Battery checks out ok. I had over 140 panic errors when going through diagnostics with Apple help centre, from what i have read up on, there is a problem with the temperature sensor on the motherboard .

I really do not think i will buy another apple product.


So throwing out the baby with the bathwater mentality!

I wouldn't be so quick. I really think you need a better source of knowledge than Apples discussion board.

How about talking to someone who really fixes iPads at the deeper level. I'm sure they can fix your iPad a lot cheaper than replacing it.


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Graham Laird, did you manage to find a solution? I also have this problem and would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance :)

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Unfortunately not, issue still remains, however if I play some games that require you to be connected to a server it won’t cut out, games like ww2 heroes, any other application and it randomly restarts. I don’t know if these games have something in the code that bypasses the heat sensor somehow. Obviously I think Dan above works for a repair service, maybe if he had something more helpful to add as to why this happens and how to possibly fix this problem it would be a tad more helpful to me and others, and Dan I currently live in a country that has no official apple store or official repair service. And to be honest do not trust some back street shop to even attempt a repair. So I will stick by my original statement of not buying another over priced status symbol from a company that tries its hardest to stop independent repair shops from carrying out less expensive repairs. 9/10 answers from apple is that you need a replacement and it can not be fixed.


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