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Issues with iFixit support

Just got the new battery replacement for a late 2014 model a d I am having an issue with a black screen and I have done everything I can possibly think to correct the issue. Resetting the Ram, configuring the battery for optimal use. Plus a new dispute ribbon into the computer and still nothing the battery works and so does the computer. I am using an external display and the computer is completely functional except fo the built in display which won’t turn on. Also back light is not on. So any thoughts. I tried to connect with a respective at iFixit and I have to say very disappointed with the gentleman I talked with. Not helpful at all and just stated I should return the item for a refund or request a new battery.

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Hello stantermini,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you’re having some issues after completing a battery replacement. I can’t diagnose the issue for certain, but it sounds likely that a connector didn’t get fully reattached, which can result in a display malfunction. I’d open up the laptop and make sure all connectors are secure.

Remember that you’re still welcome to take up the offer for a refund!

I’m moving this post back to the Answers forum in case one of our community members has some insight into this issue.

I hope this helps, and best of luck with your laptop!

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