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Released in 2012, Identified by Model Number: R630020

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When I put a new battery in the wheels spun and smoke came out. Help

I changed the batteries in my Roomba because it said that there was no battery detected and when I changed it, instantly smoke came out and the wheels spun. What has happened?

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You should call Roomba support for this. Sorry, you’re basically telling us a situation that you are expecting an autopsy on.

That’s like telling us someone you know when to dinner with you and then collapsed and died. We cannot decipher the problem from very little info.

Did you install “new” batteries? If so, did you buy it from Roomba? How did you change it? Did you call Roomba support before changing the batteries before knowing the problem? How did you determine the battery needed replacement? etc etc…. tons of questions, but you are better off calling their support line.

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if you used a 3rd party battery you may have set off a proprietary trap lol, if it is a roomba certified battery they should have some sort of manufacturers part warranty you can get the thing looked at with… sounds to me like something shorted or battery was wrong type (Voltage/Amperage)

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