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Repair information for Apple's high-end wireless earbuds—priced above standard AirPods, and first released in October 2019.

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One AirPod speaker is generating noise when I speak or walk

One AirPod speaker is generating noise when I speak or walk. Has anyone else experienced this? How difficult would it be to open the AirPod pro and diagnose if this is just a loose part of the speaker, and if so would it Be possible to glue the part in some way to fix this?

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Ive had this issue before, since airpods pro are under a year old you can take them to Apple and get a free replacment, I believe the issue comes from the adhesive coming dislodged.

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I was worried they would claim that a drop on the floor would be the reason and want me to pay for a new AirPod, but luckily they answered now that I will receive a new one covered by the warranty. Also found that even if it was my fault the cost would be about 1/3 of the purchase price to replace a single AirPod, so that will be an option when I’m out of warranty.


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