Nintendo Switch stuck on boot-logo - suggestions?



I have a fairly new Nintendo Switch that is stuck at the Switch boot-logo wich will stay there forever. Charging is normal and it will charge at 15V and around .8 A.

When turning off it has like a short cracking sound coming from it. Just like a short smack or tick (it’s fairly noticable).

It will not boot into safe-mode or into recovery-mode.


Inside it looks fine, but its a different board than what I’m used to, so the layout and IC’s are a little bit different from the others. It reads HAD-CPU-01

All normal fault zones like the charging IC and display IC checks out ok with no shorted capacitors or anything out of the ordinary…

But when I check around this place, on the bottom side from the CPU there is 3 shorted capacitors nearby. I guess it should not be like this..? Can someone check if these actually short to ground on both sides? (I ask because some places they should, but since I not have a known good board, I am not sure what they should read.

Thanks for answers.

The capacitors marked in red are the ones that shows short to ground-plane on both sides.

Block Image

Area of fault:

Block Image

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Ok. So I removed the MAX77812 and checked if the shorts on the caps where still there. Unfortunately they where. Which leads me to nothing... I reballed it and got some training on reballing on such a minute scale.

I also read another thread on this, in here, which suggested it was the wifi-chip that was broken. I did a reflow, but it didn't work. I will attempt a reball but I need a stencil first.

I still would very much like someone to check the capacitors mentioned above.

I also would like a comment on what likelihood it for the CPU to be faulty?

Best regards,

Gunnar @ ChipFix


Any update on this?


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