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buttons are Non responsive. Joystick works fine.

Opened my joycon to swap shells (which I’ve done countless times) only this time, when I reconnected the battery the buttons do nothing. All of them are not responding, except the joystick.

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It sounds like it could be that the motherboard is the issue

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When I take apart the joycon the buttons start working again but the home button starts going haywire!


@Christian Estrella Honestly I'd just buy a new joy-con there's no other way to repair the mobo


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It is most likely the BCM20734 chip is to blame. All buttons are read through that chip instead of the traditional "one side up, one side ground” type thing. With the one exception being the thumbstick! It is all explained here:

It is a really difficult fix and I’d say you’ll be better off getting a new motherboard or joy-con.

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