Samsung Tab E (SM-T560) crashing/rebooting

Wondering if anyone can help.  My tablet SM-T560 has started re-booting, but I can't seem to sort the problem.

 Initially started when the battery was dropping towards 30%, the screen would crash, split the screen so the top half was at the bottom or get a few lines down the middle, then turn off.  I'd then have problems turning it back on so would have to do the power and volume down to spark it back to life.  sometimes the screen still had a dull light  and wasn’t completely black, so was still drawing power.

 Started happening more regular so in the end, I ordered a new battery after trouble shooting online. Before this I deleted the partition and did a factory reset.

 Replaced the battery but its still either dead, or boots for a few minutes, showing full charge now, then crashes and wont restart. It now seems to not want to restart at all, but it cant be the battery!

 I've tried:-

holding power

holding power plus volume down

holding power, volume up, home button

trickle charging via laptop (now and again this brings it to the battery/charge screen)

different cables and plugs

Disconnecting the battery and leaving for 48 hours

disconnecting internal cables and reconnecting to check if any out of line

 It’s still in good condition and never been dropped.  Can anyone recommend anything else to try?

I'm guessing it must be something gone internally, but wanted to try here first before giving up and binning it!

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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