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Why is N75 190 sucking brake fluid into power steering reservoir

2hy is ,85 190 sucking brake fluid into power steering reservoir?

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My guess it's a diesel engine. Diesel engines don't create enough vacuum to operate vacuum booster for power braking so they use a system called hydro boost which uses the power steering pump for the power braking. So the master cylinder/hydro boost are leaking into each other. So you are getting brake fluid in the power steering pump. Just make sure you aren't getting power steering fluid in the master cylinder because it will cause to rubber in brake calipers and wheel cylinders to swell. And it can make it so the brakes won't release after you apply them.

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I have also changed the hydro booster with the master cylinder. 1st I changed power steering pump. It works for about half an hour then same problem. Then changed hydro booster. Same problem this time immediately without driving. Thinking the first pump might be faulty as it works for a while. Changed pump 2nd time. It works for about 15 miles driving the same problem again.


@danesittol did you change the master cylinder?


The power steering pump won't cause that issue. It's either the master cylinder or the hydro booster.


The booster and master cylinder were changed the whole unit. I'll have the brakes checked today and see what happens. Thanks for tour help so far.


No problem. The only thing it can be is the master cylinder. It could be a defective part.


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