Stops running after some seconds.

Treadmill starts fine but after 9 seconds it suddenly stops. Display keeps on.

When I restart, it runs again and stops at every 9 seconds.

I have checked fuse, speed sensor and Mosfets these all have no problem. Checked motor by connecting to a 12v dc battery and its runs fine.

What will be the fault nw? Hlp pls.

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Treadmill Knocking Noise

April 8, 2021 by Donald

DR.GYMlee Folding Smart Treadmill

As I apply pressure to the front-left side of my treadmill, it has recently started making a loud “Thunk” noise. The treadmill is clearly much bouncier than usual on about half of the treadmill near the front side as well. A bad roller, I believe, is the root of the problem. Do you have any … Read more


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