iPod U2 Monochrom Screen white and blank


So I have an iPod U2 Edition with a monochrome display that had a dead Hard Drive which I replaced with a Flashcard. I also ordered a battery because the original has been dead as well but it couldn’t be delivered and I had to use the original battery. But after that, the display began to behave strangely, if I pressed the menu button it became blank, If I squeezed it a bit some pixels appeared at some locations on the screen or the screen becomes blank and some strage lines flashes on the screen. So I opened it again and took it apart to the display and disconnected and reconnected the flex cable and connected everything back and once I connected the battery the backlight turned on, nothing was on the screen and in about the location of the Harddrive Flexcable is getting pretty hot.

So… what happened? is the screen busted, did something shorted?

Thanks in Advance :)

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