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A portable Bluetooth speaker manufactured by Ultimate Ears.

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Can it be powered on without the battery?

Trobbleshooting a faulty Megaboom and trying to figure out if its the battery or the board. the chargelight only comes on when its plugged in and the battery is removed. Otherwise compleatly dead. But i cannot power it on in this state, (plugged in without battery). I’d like to know if that is supposed to be possible? Before i order a new battery…

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If it cannot be powered on while connected to the charger and the battery is inserted, it seems to indicate that your battery is faulty.

My battery is dead and it doesn't matter whether I plug it in or not. It will always power on telling me "charging, please wait" or "critical battery, please charge". If I press and hold the minus button and the power button to do a reset, it will initially tell me that there is 40% charge, but then immediately switch to critical battery. Without the battery, the sound sometimes is noisy and distorted, supposedly from lack of power.

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