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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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Fixed iPhone, tried turning on, worked, then stopped

Okay, I replaced my screen and battery. I also cleaned up all the corrosion around the connectors (but not inside logic board).

So I put everything back together and hold the power button. The Apple logo came up for 2 seconds, and then disappeared. Now, I connect my iPhone to the computer and it connects, but I cannot see anything on the iPhone screen.

Would it be my screen that shorted out? or would it be the backlight IC in the logic board?

I kind of peaked into the logic board and it looked kind of corroded around the area where the backlight IC is, but when I turned my iPhone on after replacing the screen, the Apple logo was bright.

Help appreciated!

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i think the first thing to do here is reopen and recheck your connectors..if it is the backlight then you should have some faint image on screen. The fact itunes sees it makes me think LCD connection. IP4 aren't my thing though so see if someone more experienced has anything to add about your backlight before you go doing anything.


Ok I think I will probably do this. Also, I see NO IMAGE on the screen.. and the Apple logo was bright when I first turned on. I'm also thinking its the LCD connection so I'll check it.


Also just wanted to add that the VIBRATOR button works. When you move it back and forth I can feel the vibrator shutting off and on.


Okay now I took it apart again and now my vibrator button doesn't even work. HELP PLEASE!


Nevermind I connected it to power and it did the same thing, apple logo and then turned off after 2 seconds. Hmm.


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I suggest you clean out the board and it's connectors as well. If you cleaned the remainder of the parts, why would you leave the most important component out. Do not try to power on the logic board till you clean out that board with alcohol and it's completely dry.

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Please do not assume. I have put the logic board in 99% isoprophyl alcohol for 15 minutes, and then dried in rice for 1.5 days (then blow dried to make sure everything was dry).


if your vibrate is working then the problem is def display related


I do not think that MAjesty was assuming...;-) I think it was the sentence "I also cleaned up all the corrosion around the connectors (but not inside logic board)." in your question that mislead him....;-)


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