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Modello fine 2011, A1278 / processore i5 2,4 GHz o i7 2,8 GHz

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no display after minor water damage

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Hey guys. So a few hours ago I spilled a small amount of water on my MacBook. I had the bottom case open as I was replacing the hard drive and had previously had issues installing macOS so I didn’t want to put it all back together until it was all up and running. A little bit of water must have splashed onto the board when I picked up my cup as I had no idea it was there until I returned back and saw the water. I was gone for about 5 minutes, and the MacBook was plugged in that entire time. When I returned I immediately unplugged the laptop, but there was a decent amount of corrosion visible. Luckily the water was contained in the pictured area. I also included a picture of the entire board if that helps. I dried up the water with Q-tips and removed the board to verify there was no liquid underneath. Luckily, there wasn’t. I cleaned the area with alcohol but to no avail. Somebody on another thread suggested I put some flux there and reflow the area, but the same issue persisted. I’ve been dabbling into microsoldering but I’m absolute trash right now, so anything would help. This mac isn’t worth sending off to get professionally fixed so I might as well try and fix it. Worst case scenario it ends up in my e-waste pile. I’m pretty good at general repair, but soldering is foreign to me. Right now as it stands the fan goes to max speed, and you can see the sleep LED illuminated but no chime or display. Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you all! :)

(P.S I’m on mobile right now, so ignore any typos or errors. Thanks)

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At this point I think you need to find someone with deeper skills and the proper tools to fix your logic board.

You need to be able to read schematics and have access to them and the board views to trace out the pathways. I/m sure you’ve damaged a component or two here which will need replacing.

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Any idea of something I should check? I'm not looking to send this laptop to anybody that actually knows what they're doing as this computer is probably worth about $50 and it wouldn't hurt to get some practice.


Well, first this system is still very desirable! It's RAM & storage can be upgraded! And still runs the one of latest macOS (Sierra). So I wouldn't discount it. For many who want to a writing system or web browsing it's an ideal system.

I'm not saying you can't fix it on your own. It's just a matter of having the skills and the needed tools to do it.

I would be checking the power rails like PPBUS and follow it though the board.


Yeah, I started practicing on another (Much more broken) MacBook Pro before trying anything on this. Good thing I did as I royally screwed that Mac lol. I'll figure it out one day lol.


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