Not receiving power from block or batt after RAM upgrade

After opening the cover and properly discharging static elec. and using only plastic tools while inside notebook. I disconnect Batt. and remover the weird metal cover in order to add a second 8Gb 2667mhz stick of ram. Once installed and i connected the batt, and now i longer get any power to or from batt, nor do i get any power from 3 different blocks of differeing wattages (nothing detrimental to over powewring hte components…. (I have upgraded and build from scratch over 100 desktop and laptop PCs and ive NEVER had an all component failure in my life, Esp not after a simple opening and adding of a RAM stick in an unused slot.

IMHO it can only point to something possibly shorting VRMs or something similar on the motherboard but i cannot think of a step when i caould have done that.

sorry for the Soapbox, lol… Its difficult to get repairs right now with the Pandemic, any ideas??

Thanks Y’all!


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